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  • Canaletto in Cumbria
    Canaletto: Celebrating Britain at Abbot Hall Art Gallery, Kendal, Cumbria, until Feb 13..

    Clare Finn

    Published: 26/01/2016

  • The Wilde unknown
    Gerald Wilde: From the Abyss, October Gallery

    David Buckman

    Published: 13/01/2016

  • Conservation Oscars
    The 2015 Conservation Awards

    Clare Finn

    Published: 22/12/2015

  • Seeking change
    Alexander Calder, Performing art; Tate Modern

    Clare Finn

    Published: 22/11/2015

  • Beyond the frame
    FIELD by Anne Hardy, Modern Art Oxford, until January 10

    Nico Kos Earle

    Published: 10/11/2015

  • An Enchanted Distance
    John Armstrong, Piano Nobile, 129 Portland Road, London W11 4LW, until December 8

    David Buckman

    Published: 01/11/2015

  • Goya the unflattering flatterer
    Goya: the Portraits, at the National Gallery, London, 7 October - 10 January

    Clare Finn

    Published: 20/10/2015

  • Borough: Bomberg and his students
    At Waterhouse & Dodd, Albemarle St, to Oct 24

    David Buckman

    Published: 06/10/2015

  • Tate Britain - Watercolour
    Tate Britain invites you to challenge your preconceptions of what watercolour is.

    Denise Silvester-Carr

    Published: 22/02/2011

  • An engineer's love affair with art
    How a Genoese collector supported anti-regime artists in Fascist Italy.

    Review by Corinna Lotz

    Published: 18/02/2011

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TXI, London Taxi, 1997 LTI Ltd © Design Museum

Kenneth Grange

Making Modern Britain

Denise Silvester-Carr

Published: 01/09/2011



Whenever you go into somebody's house you will find at least two or three items that have been designed by Kenneth Grange: a Kodak, camera, a Parker Pen or a Kenwood food mixer while on the street there's the 1997 London taxi, the Adshel bus shelter, the memorable Venner parking meter from the late '50s. One of the most creative designers of household good in modern times, Grange is still designing everyday items - furniture, sewing machines, the Anglepoise lamp and his InterCity design for British Rail which still captures the imagination with its aerodynamic cone that has influenced the look of high speed trains for over four decades.


 Anglle poise

The Anglepoise Lamp. Type 75. 2002 © Design Museum


This major retrospective looks at the range of Grange's work from his time at the Festival of Britain, through Pentagram, the design firm he founded with four other eminent men, to today. It is amazing that one man has shaped our lives with so much we take for granted. The clear cut lines and neatly made products have contributed to many of our everyday utilities from a Morphy-Richards open handled electric iron to B&W speakers and the comfortable Edith chair with suitable curves for an older person.



Wilkinson Grange

Wilkinson Protector.  1991 © Design Museum


The trainInter City 125, 1976 © Design Museum 



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