Chair: Mark Pullinger
Hon Secretary: Amanda Holloway

The aims of the Music Section of the Critics’ Circle are: a) to promote the art of criticism and to uphold its integrity in practice; b) to foster and safeguard the professional interests of its members and to provide opportunities for social intercourse among them; and c) to support the advancement of the arts. Though the Circle is decidedly not a trade union, it tries to encourage best practice.

We meet to discuss and decide bread and butter matters three times a year. Occasionally we host meetings with a leading figure from the music world. We also hold luncheons or dinners to celebrate the lifetime achievement of some very special artist, writer, composer or instrumentalist. The music section has about 80 members. At present, it consists overwhelmingly of classical music and opera critics, though we welcome critics of other kinds of music (jazz, pop, and world music).

News & Reviews

Chess, English National Opera

The Benny & Bjorn supremacy | By Alexandra Coghlan | In a genre of unlikely gambits – cats, nuns, the assassins of American presidents, a children’s train set – is there a less obvious subject for a musical than chess? There’s a certain wilful brilliance to taking a...

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Eugene Onegin, Mid Wales Opera

Slavs to love | By Richard Bratby | The Courtyard, Hereford, Tuesday 10 April 2018 The second full-scale production by Mid Wales Opera under Richard Studer and Jonathan Lyness’s leadership is Eugene Onegin, and it’s a shrewd choice. How shrewd? Well, as Tchaikovsky...

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Coraline, Barbican Theatre

Button for punishment | by Tom Sutcliffe | The first rule for successful opera composition is to choose a story involving characters that can be believable when they tell us about themselves, which of course is not the only reason they are there in the story. Opera is...

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