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Renee Asherson

Renee Asherson (May 1915 - October 2014), widow of Robert Donat and an actress of distinction  in her own right perhaps best remembered as the French princess in Olivier's Henry V who has died aged 99.


An Introduction to the Film Section

Published: 08/11/2010

Chair: Anna Smith
Vice-Chairman: Rich Cline
Hon. Secretary: Karen Krizanovich at [critics dot circle at gmail dot com]

Our awards and who is eligible.

British and Irish film makers are eligible for most, if not all, of our awards. The word British in the title of some of our awards is simply to distinguish them from the general best actor/director/film awards. Irish citizens are eligible for these awards but many Irish actors and directors work on what are technically British films and their work deserves recognition. There is no intention to suggest that Irish talent is British should an Irish citizen be nominated in the "British" categories and all Irish nominees know this. It simply recognises the complex nature of film making, a collaborative affair often crossing national boundaries and anyone who wishes to raise the matter should do so with Jason Solomons, current chair of the Awards Committee. Patriotic Irish people with  genuine issues to raise will be replied to - those who send obscene e mails will not.

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