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Rosamund Pyke faces the cameras © BFI - Scott Myers

The Stars Come Out

Guests at the 31st Awards

William Russell

Published: 11/02/2011



The red carpet is a feature of every film awards and the Critics' Circle Film Awards are no exception to the rule. Here are some of those who walked along the BFI Southbank's carpet past the serried ranks of cameramen and interviewers at the Circle's 31st awards in February. 



Scott ThomasKristin Scott Thomas there to receive the Dilys Powell Award for Excellence in Film. © BFI - Scott Myers





Lesley ManvilleLesley Manville making an entrance. © BFI - Scott Myers




Rosamund PykeRosamund Pyke walks the walk. © BFI - Scott Myers




 The FirthsColin and Livia Firth run the gauntlet. © BFI - Scott Myers




Social Network screenwriter Aaron Sorkin © BFI - Scott Myers